Adiantum affine, Wild

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Adiantum affine, Wild
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Distribution of Adiantum affine, Wild
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Ferns Species:


Common Name:



Adiantum affine


Common Lindsaea

Non Threatened

Fronds 5cm - 25cm long


Found on drier sites in lowland to montane open forests and scrublands, particularly on dry banks and the fibrous root mounds around large trees.


This fern has very neat fronds, that are narrowly triangular to oblong in shape and are green to dark green in colour. It has a creeping rhizome but has the appearance of a tufted plant.


Found all over North Island but on South Island is confined to the western coastal areas up to a height of 700m. See distribution map (bottom right).


Lawrie Metcalf, Ferns of New Zealand: a photographic guide (New Holland Publishers (NZ) Ltd 2003) p86