Lomaria filiformis, A. Cunn

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Lomaria filiformis, A. Cunn
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Distribution of Lomaria filiformis, A. Cunn
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Ferns Species:


Common Name:



Blechnum filiforme


Thread fern, Climbing hard fern

Non Threatened

Fronds 6-70cm long


Native only to New Zealand it is common in forests.


A confusing fern because of its three quite different types of fronds - a feature that makes it unique among New Zealand ferns. It is a creeping and climbing fern with graceful fronds with thread like leaflets. Ground fronds tend to be very small with roundish leaflets. Larger climbing specimens have very long pointed leaflets. Its common name refers to the attractive wispy thread like leaflets seen growing on the trunks of trees. The Rhizomes of this fern are used as the main active ingredient to an American proprietry drug used to lower blood cholesterol levels.


Found on North Island and in the very northern part of South Island up to a height of 500m. See distribution map (bottom right).


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