Trichomanes rigidum, Swartz

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Trichomanes rigidum, Swartz
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Distribution of Trichomanes rigidum, Swartz
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Ferns Species:


Common Name:



Trichomanes strictum


Erect bristle fern

Non Threatened

Fronds 1cm - 55cm long, depending on species


Common in damp forest or high rainfall areas, mostly on tree trunks but also sometimes on rocks or on the ground. Most are native only to New Zealand.


New Zealand has almost 30 native filmy ferns. As the name suggests, they have very thin fronds - many only one cell thick. They generally grow in damp bush or in areas of high rainfall, though most are able to cope with long periods of dry weather by curling up tightly. Several have strong chemical defences that are apparently capable of preventing competing plant seeds from germinating or of halting their growth if they do.


Found all over New Zealand up to a height of 1100m. See distribution map (bottom right).


Andrew Crowe, Which Native Fern: a simple guide to the identification of New Zealand Native Ferns (Penguin Books (NZ) Ltd 1994) p16